E3S Research Seminars is mainly a venue for the Center's members to share information about their research. Each seminar, held via teleconference, starts at 12:05pm (Pacific time) or 3:05pm (Eastern time), run approximately 50 minutes. The seminar coordinators for the 2014-2015 academic year are Peter Zhao, UC Berkeley and Tao Yu, MIT.

Fall 2014

September 25:  Tunnelling Across Heterojunction Interfaces: What Controls Steepness?
Ryan Iutzi, MIT
Sponsor: Prof E. Fitzgerald

October 9:  InGaAs/InAs Heterojunction Vertical Nanowire Tunnel FETs Fabricated by a Top-down Approach
Xin Zhao, MIT
Sponsor: Prof. J. del Alamo

October 30: Nanomechanical Switch Designs to Overcome the Surface Adhesion Energy Limit
Prof. T.-J. King Liu, UC Berkeley

Nov 20:  Progress on Sub-10-NM Magnetic Tunneling Junction Devices
Dr. Jeongmin Hong, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof. J. Bokor

Dec 11:  Current Induced Bistable Switching of Tilted Anisotropy Nanomagnet for Spin Orbit Torque Memory
Dr. Long You, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof S. Salahuddin

Summer 2014

June 12:  Prospects and Challenges for Tunneling FET Devices Including Circuit Design, Process Variations and Scaling Considerations
Dr. Uygar Avci, Intel Corp.
Sponsor: Prof E. Yablonovitch
- See Abstract & Bio.

June 26:  The ITRS: Past, Present and Future
Dr. Paolo Gargini, ITRS
Sponsor: Prof H.-S.P. Wong
- See Abstract & Bio.

July 10:  Center for Integrated Quantum Materials (CIQM)
Prof Robert M. Westervelt, Harvard U.
Sponsor: Prof E. Yablonovitch
- See Abstract & Bio.

July 24:  Silicon Photonics Reinvents Avalanche Photodetectors
Dr. Yimin Kang, Intel Corp.
Sponsor: Prof M.C. Wu
- See Abstract & Bio.

Spring 2014

February 6:  Nano-phototransistors for Energy Efficient Optical Communications
Christopher Lalau-Keraly, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof E. Yablonovitch

February 20:  Piezoelectric Transformer FET - A Novel Approach to Low Voltage
Dr. Sapan Agarwal, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof E. Yablonovitch

March 6:  Design Considerations for NEM Relay Circuits
Matthew Spencer, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof E. Alon

March 20:  A Novel Low-Voltage NEM Switch Utilizing van der Waals Force
I-Ru (Tim) Chen, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof T.-J. King Liu

April 3:  Considerations in the Design of Energy-Efficient sub-10-nm Magnetic Logic Nanodevices
Prof. Sakhrat Khizroev, Florida Int. Uni.

April 17:  Designing VLSI Systems with Emerging Devices: From NEM Relays to Nanomagnetic Logic
Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic, UC Berkeley

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