E3S Research Seminars is mainly a venue for the Center's members to share information about their research. Each seminar, held via teleconference, starts at 12:05pm (Pacific time) or 3:05pm (Eastern time), run approximately 50 minutes. The seminar coordinators are Yang Yang, UC Berkeley and Ryan Iutzi, MIT.

In lieu of seminars on the Center's research, the Center is hosting four invited speakers during Summer 2014.

Summer 2014

June 12:  Prospects and Challenges for Tunneling FET Devices Including Circuit Design, Process Variations and Scaling Considerations
Dr. Uygar Avci, Intel Corp.
Sponsor: Prof E. Yablonovitch
- See Abstract & Bio.

June 26:  The ITRS: Past, Present and Future
Dr. Paolo Gargini, ITRS
Sponsor: Prof H.-S.P. Wong
- See Abstract & Bio.

July 10:  Center for Integrated Quantum Materials (CIQM)
Prof Robert M. Westervelt, Harvard U.
Sponsor: Prof E. Yablonovitch
- See Abstract & Bio.

July 24:  Silicon Photonics Reinvents Avalanche Photodetectors
Dr. Yimin Kang, Intel Corp.
Sponsor: Prof M.C. Wu
- See Abstract & Bio.

Spring 2014

February 6:  Nano-phototransistors for Energy Efficient Optical Communications
Christopher Lalau-Keraly, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof E. Yablonovitch

February 20:  Piezoelectric Transformer FET - A Novel Approach to Low Voltage
Dr. Sapan Agarwal, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof E. Yablonovitch

March 6:  Design Considerations for NEM Relay Circuits
Matthew Spencer, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof E. Alon

March 20:  A Novel Low-Voltage NEM Switch Utilizing van der Waals Force
I-Ru (Tim) Chen, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof T.-J. King Liu

April 3:  Considerations in the Design of Energy-Efficient sub-10-nm Magnetic Logic Nanodevices
Prof. Sakhrat Khizroev, Florida Int. Uni.

April 17:  Designing VLSI Systems with Emerging Devices: From NEM Relays to Nanomagnetic Logic
Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic, UC Berkeley

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