Developing the Pipeline to STEM Careers

The Center for E3S collaborates with MIT’s Office of Engineering Outreach Programs (OEOP) to promote high-school students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. In particular, the Center supports electronics education for high-school students of diverse backgrounds, in order to seed a pipeline for a future generation of scientists, engineers, and technicians that will reflect the diversity of the US society.

MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community (MOSTEC)

The MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community (MOSTEC) is an online education and enrichment program that extends from the summer into the winter as high-school students submit their college applications. Students complete online coursework and projects in science, engineering, and technical writing. They also receive mentoring, college admissions help, and interact with a network of highly talented high school seniors from across the country as well as MOSTEC staff. Furthermore, MOSTEC students are invited to attend an exclusive conference at MIT where they are able to explore MIT's campus firsthand and interact face-to-face with MIT faculty. MOSTEC serves to develop a cohort of students who are equipped to major successfully in technical disciplines.   - Learn more.