Collage of E3S research interns

The Center offers programs to stimulate undergraduate students’ interest in science and engineering, and particularly in energy efficient electronics science. There are E3S programs for undergraduates at different stages of their undergraduate studies. In addition, the Center also provides educational opportunities for faculty in undergraduate institutions. Our initiatives, while open only to US Citizens and Permanent Residents, are designed to ensure and promote the inclusion of diverse groups in science and engineering. In particular, the Center seeks undergraduates and their instructors who are from under-represented minority communities, women, veterans, and/or first in the family attending college.

ETERN: Research Program for Undergraduates of the Center’s Member Institutions

ETERN, E3S Internship, provides a stipend for undergraduates of the Center's member institutions, UC Berkeley, MIT, and Stanford, as they undertake research projects with E3S faculty at their home institution. In addition, the program offers enrichment activities to develop the participants professionally and prepare them for graduate school.  - Learn more.

E3S REU: Summer Research Internship for Juniors and Seniors

The E3S Research Experiences for Undergraduates (E3S REU) program provides residential research internships in the laboratories of E3S faculty. Participants of this competitive merit-based program undertake cutting edge electrical engineering, material science, physics and chemistry research projects. They also have access to enrichment activities including seminars, field trips, as well as advising on graduate school programs, the application process for fellowships, and a subsidized GRE prep course. The Fall after the completion of the E3S summer internship, participants are expected to continue their Bachelor of Science or Engineering studies and eventually apply for graduate school.
  - Learn about past E3S REU projects.

In summer 2016, E3S faculty at UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, FIU and UTEP are hosting upper-division undergraduates to participate in the Center's research. The program’s main focus is to provide research experiences at the Center for undergraduates from academic institutions that are not member of the Center. However, the program will consider a small number of undergraduates from member institutions who are interested in the research of E3S faculty who are not part of their home institution.
  - Learn more about the 2016 Program.
  - Learn about the affiliated UCB-HBCU Research Internship Program.

Transfer-to-Excellence: Program for California Community College Students

Transfer-to-Excellence Research Experiences for Undergraduates (TTE REU), a competitive merit-based program, seeks to inspire California community college students through research at UC Berkeley so that they will ultimately transfer and complete their Bachelor’s degree in science and engineering. The TTE REU program is a residential program providing nine-weeks of hands-on research experiences in the laboratories of UC Berkeley professors.
  - Learn about past TTE REU projects.

TTE participants also have access to enrichment activities to enhance their overall preparation and confidence to pursue studies in science and engineering and, eventually, a career that applies their technical education. To support program participants continue a science or engineering curriculum at a four-year institution, transfer advising is also provided during and after the internship.  - Learn more about the 2016 Program.

i-ETERN: International Research Program for Undergraduates

The International E3S Internship Program is a follow-on program for past participants of the following research programs for undergraduates: E3S REU, UCB-HBCU, TTE-REU, and ETERN. Enabled by a partnership with the GIANT International Internship Programme, the i-ETERN Program supports past participants who continue to be undergraduates by offering a second research opportunity of 9-weeks in Grenoble, France.

Formalized and expanded in 2016, this summer research program is focused on undergraduates, who are women and/or of racial origins that are under-represented in the field of Electrical Engineering. This follow-on program reflects the Center’s approach of continuous engagement in order to develop undergraduates for graduate studies in ultra-low energy nanoelectronics, nanomechanics, nanophotonics and nanomagnetics.

Application is by invitation only.

E3S Teacher Fellows

The Center offers summer fellowships for teachers as a vehicle to support engineering and science education in community colleges. Engineering and physical science faculty in California community colleges spends six to nine weeks at the Center engaged in research or curriculum development. The teacher fellows are expected to implement new knowledge and novel pedagogy methods into classroom activities when they return to their home institutions.

The Center is particularly seeking community college instructors, who are interested in enhancing electronic technology curriculum.

  - Learn about the affiliated UCB-Context Based Research Program for Community College Faculty.