Photons Electrons and Bands SYMPOSIUM at UC Berkeley on January 27, 2012


  • Hong-Wen Jiang, UCLA
  • Ming C. Wu, UC Berkeley
  • Xiang Zhang, UC Berkeley

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Introductory Remarks by Organizers 

Solar Energy:


    Shanhui Fan, Stanford University

    The Influence of the 4n2 Factor on Solar Cells   


    Richard Swanson, Sunpower Corp.

    The Future of PhotoVoltaics   


    Harry Atwater, Caltech; Co-Founder, Alta Devices, Inc.

    Really High Efficiency Solar Cells   



    Axel Scherer, Caltech; Co-Founder, Luxtera, Inc.

    Silicon Nano-Photonics   


    Jim Coleman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    The Impact of Strained Quantum Well Lasers   


Metal Optics:


    John Pendry, Imperial College

    Inside the Wavelength: Seeing Really Small Objects with Light   


    Dan Sievenpiper, University of California, San Diego

    Materials and Components With a Negative Frequency Derivative of Reactance   


    Ming C. Wu, University of California, Berkeley

    Spontaneous Hyper Emission: Enhanced Light Emission by Optical Antennas   

Photonic Crystals:


    Susumu Noda, Kyoto University

    Recent Progress in Photonic Crystals and Their Device Applications 


    Philip Russell, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

    (One) Latest Development(s) in Photonic Crystal Fibers   

Quantum Information:


    HongWen Jiang, UCLA

    Development of Electron Spin Qubits for Quantum Information Processing   


    Thomas Szkopek, McGill University

    Would Error Correction Provide a Benefit in Classical Computers?   



    Hoi-Sing Kwok, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

    On Being Yablonovitch’s First Student 


    Nicolaas Bloembergen, University of Arizona

    Yablonovitch as a Graduate Student