Final Program:  4th Symposium - 2015

Oct 2 >>

Thursday, October 1

Session I:  Opening Session

Moderator - E. Yablonovitch: University of California, Berkeley, USA

8:45 am

Opening Remarks 

E. Yablonovitch and J. Bokor:   University of California, Berkeley, USA

9:00 am

Specialization for Energy Efficiency Using Agile Development

B. Nikolic, J. Bachrach, E. Alon, K. Asanovic, and D. Patterson:  University of California, Berkeley, USA   (Invited)

9:25 am

Superconducting Computing: Lessons from an Emerging Technology

D. S. Holmes:   IARPA, USA   (Invited)

9:50 am

Millivolt Switches Will Support Better Energy-Reliability Tradeoffs

E. Debenedictis and H. Zima:   Sandia National Laboratory, USA

10:05 am

SOTB Technology, which Enables Perpetually Reliable CPU for IoT Applications

K. Ishibashi, N. Sugii, K. Kobayashi, T. Koide, H. Nagatomi and S. Kamohara:   University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Session II:  Spintronics

Moderator - J. Bokor University of California, Berkeley, USA

10:40 am

Session Introduction

10:45 am

mLogic: All Spin Logic Device and Circuits

J.-G. Zhu, D. M. Bromberg, M. Moneck, V. Sokalski, and L. Pileggi:   Carnegie Mellon University, USA   (Invited)

11:05 am

Electric-Field-Controlled MRAM based on Voltage Control of Magnetic Anisotropy (VCMA): Recent Progress and Perspectives

P. Khalili and K. Wang:   University of California, Los Angeles, USA   (Invited)

11:24 am

Magnonic Holographic Co-Processor: an Approach to Energy-Efficient Complementary Logic Circuitry

A. Khitun:   University of California, Riverside, USA

11:40 am

Quantitative Comparison of Power-Gating Architectures for FinFET-based Nonvolatile SRAM using Spintronics Retention Technology

Y. Shuto, S. Yamamoto and S. Sugahara:  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

11:55 am

Anomalous Properties of Sub-10-nm Magnetic Tunneling Junctions

M. Stone, J. Hong, R. Guduru, A. Hadjikhani, A. Manossaukis, E. Stimphil, P. Liang, J. Bokor and S. Khizroev:  Florida International University, USA

12:10 pm

Spintronics Panel


Introduced by E. Yablonovitch: University of California, Berkeley, USA

1:45 pm

What the Brain Tells Us about the Future of Silicon

J. Hawkins:  Numenta, USA   (Invited)

Session III:  Nanomechanical Logic

Moderator – N. Draeger:  Lam Research, USA

2:25 pm

Session Introduction

2:30 pm

From Microelectromechanical Switches to Nanoelectromechanical Switches: Lessons and Differences

J.-B. Yoon:   KAIST, Korea   (Invited)

2:55 pm

Operating Micromechanical Logic Gates Below kBT: Physical vs Logical Reversibility

M. López-Suárez, I. Neri, and L. Gammaitno:   University Perugia, Italy   (Invited)

3:15 pm

Body-Biased Operation for Improved MEM Relay Energy Efficiency

A. Peschot, C. Qian, D. J. Connelly and T.-J. King Liu:   University of California, Berkeley, USA

3:30 pm

Tunneling Nanoelectromechanical Switches

F. Niroui, E. Sletten, Y. Song, A. Wang, W. J. Ong, Jing Kong, E. Yablonovitch, T. Swager, J. Lang and V. Bulovic:   MIT, USA

Session IV:  Novel Materials & Devices

Moderator – N. Kim:  Applied Materials, USA

4:05 pm

Session Introduction

4:10 pm

Van der Waals Heterostructures for Tunnel Transistors

T. Roy, M. Tosun, M. Amani, D.-H. Lien, D. Kiriya, P. Zhao, S. Desai, A. Sachid, S. R.Madhvapathy, and A. Javey:   University of California, Berkeley, USA   (Invited)

4:35 pm

2D Tunnel Transistors for Ultra-Low Power Applications: Promises and Challenges

H. Ilatikhameneh, G. Klimeck and R. Rahman:   Purdue University, USA

4:50 pm

Understanding Negative Capacitance Dynamics in Ferroelectric Capacitors

A. Khan, K. Chatterjee, S. Salahuddin and R. Ramesh:   University of California, Berkeley, USA

5:05 pm

Walk to the Gordon and Betty Moore Lobby, Hearst Memorial Mining Building

5:25 pm

Poster Session and Reception

7:15 pm

Close of Day 1

Oct 1 >>

Friday, October 2

Session V: Reconvening Session

Moderator – T. Theis:  IBM and SRC, USA

9:00 am

Session Introduction


From Nanodevices to Nanosystems: The N3XT Information Technology

S. Mitra:   Stanford University, USA   (Invited)


9:35 am

Our Computer Systems Are Not Good Enough

R. Colwell:   Formerly DARPA, USA   (Invited)

Session VI: Nanoelectronics – Tunneling FET – 1

Moderator – O. Faynot:  CEA-Leti, France

10:15 am

Session Introduction

10:20 am

Prospects for the Low-Voltage TFET: dW/dE vs Dit

T. Xiao, X. Zhao, S. Agarwal and E. Yablonovitch:   University of California, Berkeley, USA

10:35 am

A Framework for Generation and Recombination in Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors

J. Teherani, W. Chern, S. Agarwal, J. Hoyt and D. Antoniadis:   MIT, USA

Session VII: Nanoelectronics – Tunneling FET – 2

Moderator – A. Seabaugh:  University of Notre Dame, USA

11:10 am

Influence of Interface Traps on the Performance of Tunnel FETs

D. Esseni, M. Pala, E. Gnani and E. Sangiorgi:   University of Udine, Italy   (Invited)

11:30 am

Challenges of Fulfilling the Promise of Tunnel FETs

S. Datta and R. Pandey:   Pennsylvania State University, USA   (Invited)

11:50 am

Tunneling FET Device Technologies Using III-V and Ge Materials

S. Takagi, M.-S. Kim, M. Noguchi, K. Nishi and M. Takenaka:   University of Tokyo, Japan   (Invited)

12:10 pm

Tunneling FET Panel

Session VIII: Optical Interconnects

Moderator – A. Krishnamoorthy: Oracle Corporation, USA

2:00 pm

Session Introduction

2:05 pm

Optical Antenna-Enhanced Nano LED for Energy-Efficient Optical Interconnect

M. C. Wu, E. Yablonovitch, S. Fortuna, M. Eggleston, and K. Messer:   University of California, Berkeley, USA   (Invited)

2:25 pm

Photo Detection for Quantum Limit Operation of Optical links

C. Lalau Keraly, R. Going, M.C. Wu and E. Yablonovitch:   University of California, Berkeley, USA

2:40 pm

High-density 3D Electronic-Photonic Integration

V. Stojanovic:   University of California, Berkeley, USA   (Invited)

3:00 pm

Optoelectronic Integration for Reduced Power Dissipation

De Dobbelaere:   Luxtera, Inc, USA   (Invited)

3:20 pm

Silicon Photonics Panel

Symposium Closing

3:45 pm

Closing Remarks

E. Yablonovitch and J. Bokor:   University of California, Berkeley, USA

4:00 pm

End of Symposium