During the Fall/Winter/Spring academic semesters/quarters, E3S Research Seminars are mainly a venue for the Center's members to share information about their research. Summer seminars typically cover allied research outside the Center to provide a broader perspective for the Center's members. Each seminar, held via teleconferencing, typically starts at 12:05pm (Pacific), 1:05pm (Mountain), or 3:05pm (Eastern), run approximately 50 minutes.

Summer 2016

June 15: 
Speaker: To Be Announced

June 30: 
Speaker: To Be Announced

July 14: 
Speaker: To Be Announced

July 28: 
Speaker: To Be Announced

Spring 2016

February 11:  Energy Efficient Optoelectronics with InP Nanopillars Grown Directly on Silicon
Indrasen Bhattacharya, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof. C. Chang-Hasnain

February 25:  Material and Interface Quality Challenges for Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors
Patrick Xiao, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof. E. Yablonovitch

March 10:  Ultrafast Nonequilibrium Magnetic Switching
Richard Wilson, UC Berkeley
Sponsor: Prof. J. Bokor

March 31:  Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis of Two Dimensional Materials
Prof. Jing Kong, MIT

April 14:  Subwavelength-scale Semiconductor Light Sources with Metal-optic Resonators
Prof. Kyoungsik Yu, KAIST, Korea
Sponsor: Prof. M. C. Wu

April 28:  Chemistry for Nanotechnology Electronics
Wen Jie Ong, MIT
Sponsor: Prof. V. Bulović

Summer 2015

June 18:  What Does the Clock Speed of My Computer Have to Do with the Fundamental Constants of Nature, ℏ, c, q, m?
Prof. Eli Yablonovitch, UC Berkeley

July 2:  Foundational Technologies at
HP Labs

Dr. Stanley Williams, HP Labs
Sponsor: Prof T.-J. King Liu

July 16:  Power Efficient Electronic Devices in France and in Europe
Olivier Faynot, CEA-Leti
Sponsor: Prof. J. Bokor

July 30:  Introduction to Spin RAM: Device Physics, Scaling and Outlook
Prof. Sayeef Salahuddin, UC Berkeley

Earlier Semesters